Reddy Chemtech has been involved in Research Chemicals business since 2000. We offer a multitude of heterocyclics and services to a wide range of markets. We are recognized as the worldwide leader in heterocyclic sulfur chemicals. We manufacture and distribute fine chemicals with high quality and competitive pricing. Chemicals are manufactured domestically to serve in an efficient and consistent manner. Our core values stress cost-efficient operations as well as timely delivery of quality products and services. Our quality products are customer driven to support innovative R&D projects.


Our online catalog represents only a fraction of the thousands of products we can supply. Quality and cost of our chemicals meet, and often exceed, our customer’s specific needs.


Reddy Chemtech is committed to offering custom synthesis, drug delivery, outsourcing, process optimization, purification and consulting services to assist our customer project and program.


Our Customer Service and Technical Support departments are dedicated to answer your product and service questions. Our customer service objective is to ensure your ordering experience is efficient and accurate.

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We offer Best Quality supplier of 1,2- Indanedione, Low cost 1,2- Indanedione, Dioxohydrindene, Oxindone