Drug Delivery


Design and syntheses of biocompatible polymers to improve safety and efficacy of new and existing medicines based on oxazoline polymer technology platform. Custom drug-polyoxazoline conjugates with different hydrophilic-hydrophobic ratios will be developed for preclinical evaluations.


Advantages of polyoxazolines:

  • Stable at room temperature and in water.
  • Possesses inherently low viscocity (up to 80%) compared to other polymers
  • Cannot form peroxide on long time storage
  • Large hydrodynamic volume with better pharmacokinetic profile
  • High drug loading capacity: up to 50% by weight of a pharmaceutical conjugate.
  • Can be tailored to passively deliver molecules to and across the cell membrane
  • Can be tailored to target certain cell types
  • Non-immunogenic and used as additives in food and cosmetics
  • Clears readily from the body