Fee-For-Service (FFS)

Fee-For-Services are provided at a guaranteed fixed price for custom synthesis of target molecule. The total cost of the project depends on labor, raw materials and the anticipated reliability of the procedures available, as well as scalability. Typical FFS projects are Kilo Lab projects involving large quantities of material.

Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)

Full time equivalents (FTEs) are committed full time to the sponsor. FTE-based projects are quoted on time and materials, with back-charge of raw materials. These are research oriented projects and/or difficult projects, where the substantial technical risks preclude quoting a fixed price. FTE projects generally involve smaller amounts of material (500 mg to 50 grams). Additional benefits for contracting full time equivalents (FTE) versus contracting multiple FFS projects include:

Reliable Capacity:

FTE contracts provide our clients consistent and reliable laboratory capacity. Timely project start-up may not be hampered by inadequate available personnel.

Flexibility and Responsiveness:

The data-driven dynamics of the drug discovery environment often necessitates changes in goals based on late-breaking biological data which will prompt its prioritization in favor of another lead. Consequently, the synthesis of a target molecule may need to be modified. The FTE approach allows for projects to change without the need to adjust a work order.

Project Execution Facilitation:

Projects may be initiated immediately when the chemistry is provided, there is no time lapse for proposal writing and contract approval process.

In addition to expeditious synthesis campaigns, we also maximize value for customers through our operations. For example, FTE projects have the support of a full service kilo lab on the same site to make unavailable raw materials. This allows the sponsor considerable budget flexibility and ensures that projects will not be delayed because of raw material backorders.

Relationships are absolutely essential to the success of all outsourcing initiatives. We typically undertake custom synthesis (FFS) projects initially where Reddy Chemtech, Inc. assumes the risk during the crucial getting acquainted period.

Shared risk can then be considered, if mutually agreeable, such as:
  • Initially Catalog sales and FFS projects
  • Evolve to FTEs for appropriate projects
Blend of Catalog sales, FFS and FTEs offers best value to both parties. We will strive for greater transparency and value in service delivery.

Procurement Services

Our services can help optimize your purchasing process, specifically hard to find materials by consolidating to a single vendor. Our experience and supplier net work across the globe provides you the best service in the market. We will take care of buying or manufacturing and delivery of the product to your lab in a compliant and timely fashion. It is just a simplified process for procurement of hard to find chemicals utilizing our know-how and resources, with tracking and transparency throughout the sourcing process.